UV Gel Polish - Thermo Colours

Polish and Go!

The trendy hybrid between UV Gel and nail polish is now available with fantastic colour effects! These brilliant Polix Thermo colours generate a super two colour effect on finger nails due to the difference in temperature between the nail bed and the relatively cooler nail tip. Available in the following colours: 01 Orange-Yellow, 02 Pink-White, 03 Light Blue-Blau, 04 Violet-Pink, 05 Nude-Pink , 06 Light Green-Turquoise, 07 White-Anthracite, 08 Blue-Turquoise, 09 Purple-Blau, 10 Fuchsia-Pink, 11 Violet-Fuchsia Pearl, 12 Turquoise-White Pearl, 13 Grey-White Pearl, 14 Fuchsia-Pink Pearl, 15 Blue-Caribbean Pearl 16 Purple-Pink Pearl, 17 Orange-Yellow Pearl, 18 Light Green-Turquoise Pearl, 19 Anthracite-White Pearl, 20 Blue-Light Blue Pearl, 21 Pink-White Pearl, 22 Blue-Pink Pearl, 23 Purple-Fuchsia Pearl. Curing time two minutes. Comes in a 10 ml nail polish bottle.

Gel Polish UV Polix is thin and easy to apply like nail polish but as durable as a UV Gel.